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Hi, I’m Amelia!
I started Prana Vida back in 2013 because I couldn’t find a source of ethically made clothing that I truly trusted and loved. So I started making some of my own clothing, and soon I had so many requests from friends and yoga students that I figured I needed a website, and Prana Vida was born.

Since then, Prana Vida has grown and evolved in so many beautiful ways, as has my mission and this community. After the sudden and unexpected death of my firstborn Landon in 2014, I created designs inspired by symbols that connected me to his brief yet powerful life. After my daughter Lily was born in 2015, I created a collection of mom and mini yoga leggings.

As I became more interested in sustainability and aware of the environmental impact of the garment industry, in 2017 I committed to making our clothing with the best eco-friendly natural and recycled fabric options, and shipping our clothing in compostable or zero-waste packaging.

And, having carried three babies (my youngest Ava was born June 2019) and breastfed for the past 6 years and counting, it’s important to me that our clothing is maternity, postpartum and nursing friendly.

While Prana Vida has changed so much since those early years of cutting fabric in my windowless basement laundry room, my commitment is still to bringing you (and me!) the best comfy clothes that evolve with you through all seasons of life.  Prana Vida is still made in Canada, and the goal is to continue improving our products and eventually offer a complete capsule wardrobe (stay tuned as we release a new addition or two every season!).

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From my heart to yours,




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