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Living Prana Vida

by Amelia Barnes on April 24, 2018

Welcome to Living Prana Vida - a blog where I share my love for zero waste lifestyle, holistic wellness and epic plant based recipes!

Whether you've followed my journey from the beginning on Instagram (@ameliakyoga) or are just jumping now, this is the place where you can find all the resources for living a simpler, cleaner and more joy filled life in harmony with your values and the earth.

What is "Living Prana Vida"?

The name "Prana Vida" came to me in savasana one day—a combination of the popular Costa Rican saying "Pura Vida" (literally translates as "pure life" but is used in greetings and to express "life is wonderful, enjoy it!"), and the Sanskrit word "Prana" (life force, Spirit or vital energy). So, I think of Living Prana Vida as meaning “to live an inspired, pure life in alignment with your true self”.