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just a warm hug and a few things to spice up your life...

by Amelia Barnes on May 01, 2018
Just popping in to send you a warm hug and a few goodies!

I hope 2018 is off to an exciting and empowered start for you. As I know life gets busy and I don't want you missing out on any of the good stuff I'm posting over on the 'gram, I thought I'd deliver some of my favourite recipes, resources and ramblings from my heart, straight to your inbox. Let me know what you think and what you'd like to hear more of!

Hope you enjoy :)

Wanna know a little secret? I rarely wash my hair (once a week tops). This way the natural oils from my scalp nourish my hair and make it grow thicker and longer than ever! But nobody wants to look greasy so my go-to is homemade dry shampoo. Just mix arrowroot powder with enough cocoa powder to darken it to the colour of your hair, rub it into your roots and go! (leave out cocoa if you're blond)

So I call this "Nacho Popcorn Seasoning" (tastes just Doritos) but there's no limit to the places you'll use this delicious, flavourful, cheesy and slightly spicy blend (if you follow my stories on Instagram you've probably seen a few ideas!). Simply mix together 1/2 cup nutritional yeast ( with 1 tbsp each of paprika, chili, cumin, garlic powder, sea salt or pink himalayan salt, and turmeric (optional).

Feeling the winter blues? Get outside and move your body! My favourite outdoor activity at the moment is running (skiing and skating are close behind but I love the simplicity of just walking out the door). My bamboo fleece-lined leggings (  keep me warm and dry; they make the perfect base layer or I wear them on their own if it's above -5 C / 23 F.

I wrote new blog, in which I open up about what is probably one of the most asked questions I get on social media, one that I’ve avoided answering for many years. I also offer some advice that’s helped me tremendously when making hard decisions or struggling to fit in. Click here to read ( . I'd love to hear your reflections or feedback!

I have a new video up on ( ! This short and uplifting class is designed to get you into a positive state of mind and body, and will help you to stay in this state all throughout your day. My guidance will support yogis of all levels in tuning into positive intentions and finding more peace in each moment. Meet you on the mat!

Much love and gratitude,